Architecture today is a reinterpretation of space emphasizing a newer ideology generated by lateral thinking. The dire need for a paradigm shift from passive architecture stemmed the birth of ‘the bodhi tree’.

Incepted in August 2002, the firm is envisaged largely as a cauldron of thoughts and a medley of ideas strung together to create intelligent, sensitive spaces. Spaces that are as aesthetic; as are functional. As loud; as are subtle. As divine; as they are humane.

The firm has created a niche for itself as consultants in the field of architecture, planning and interior design. ‘the bodhi tree’ includes under its crown a noteworthy repertoire of projects that range from residences to community housing projects; from factories to commercial spaces – all emphasizing a symphony of sensitive spaces orchestrated together ingeniously to enlighten the user; enlightenment of sight, of touch and of space.

Hera at The Bodhi Tree, you’ll find content about everything that has to do with architecture. We want to let our clients understand that our civilization centres around structure and creativity. Our world centres around architecture, and it is the building block of humanity.

To help you learn more about buildings, construction and designs, India, The Bodhi Tree offers you the latest and evergreen content about architecture. Feel free to browse our website for more related information and content.

About us

The Bodhi Tree combines design, creativity, structure and architecture to deliver our clients inspiration and ideas to help them build a better world for themselves and the community. We understand that with so much going on in our lives, we tend to forget and oversee the wonders of the architecture that surrounds us. 

We at the Bodhi tree pride ourselves on giving our clients content that is relevant and caters to their needs. We aspire to provide inspiration to our customers to hone their skills in design structure and share their talent with others.


Our goal is to provide informative, inspiring, and creative content on architecture, design, and creativity. We want to be the main source of inspiration and information for our customers. Here at The Bodhi Tree, you will find the most relevant data and the trendiest articles about the world of architecture.


The Bodhi Tree envision a world that’s full of beautiful architecture and people who appreciate structures and creativity. We understand that not everyone knows a lot about architecture which is why we want to be the source of knowledge about the architecture related topics and content.

Core Values

At The Bodhi Tree, our mission is to express to our customers what we stand for and our plans to achieve our goals using our core values. These values are used to provide service and assistance to our clients.

  • Informative – We provide our customers with the best and most relevant information about architecture, structure and artists. You can expect only the finest content and data to help ease your thirst for knowledge about architecture.
  • Inclusivity – At The Bodhi Tree, we welcome every person of skin colour, ethnicity, and gender. Regardless of your background, we will do our best to offer you the best service possible. You can expect a discrimination-free environment when you browse our website and read our content. 
  • Client-centric – To ensure customer satisfaction, we make every effort to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and cater to their needs. Our goal is to keep our consumers happy and pleased by providing the greatest information possible on our website.
  • Authenticity – On our website, you’ll not only find the best content and information but also completely unique concepts and ideas.
  • Excellency – In order to deliver the most current information to our readers, we go to great lengths.
  • Integrity – Since we respect the faith our client’s place in us, we work carefully to ensure that all the information we give is correct.
  • Idealistic – The Bodhi Tree is a business that has a clear idea of where it wants to go. It’s  important to us that our clients are pleased and fulfilled with the knowledge and services we are offering them.

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